Our Board

Who are we?

Lekali is a manufacturing and trading company with a vision to reduce Nepal’s trade deficit and to make Nepal’s unique products known and available globally.

Being a nature-loved country, various products in Nepal are widely beneficial for human existence. These products have a competitive advantage in the world market.

Lekali is driven by the love for the country. We notice that Nepal has numerous products with a high possibility of expansion, but lacks dependable supply chain and recognition. Lekali identifies such products and works in partnership with the producers, who are generally from the rural areas. We together build a strong supply chain with an international quality system in place. With our experienced professionals, we find the best possible market for these unique products to get the best possible value for all the stakeholders.

Being an import driven country, Lekali contributes to the growth of the nation by placing its unique products in the consuming country directly. In collaboration with our hard working Nepalese farmers we have a mission to decrease our trade deficit.

The company started by some of Nepal’s oldest businesses. With many years of experience trading various handcrafted products within and out of Nepal, they decided to backward integrate to start their own processing, contract manufacturing, and aggregation within Lekali with its core values.

Our Core Values

Certified Vendors

We are committed to working with only acceptable certified vendors.

Quality Management

We provide good quality control on all listed products.

Conserved Uniqueness and Culture

Through our initiative, we believe we can contribute while preserving the culture and uniqueness that Lekali Corp products carry.

Job Equality

We bring employment for women in order to uplift society.

Latika Golyan

Chairperson & Managing Director

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